End-to-end supply chain management partner of healthcare industries to have control with flexible and excellent process

Contract Manufacturing

A contract manufacturing service for medical devices and household products, which provides excellent service with agility in adopting technology and addressing customers’ needs.

Product Development

Validation (Process & Method)

Contract Manufacturing

Why contract manufacturing

01. The brand and business belongs to customer
02. No capital investment(land, building, etc.)
03. Much lower cost in maintaining facility & labor
04. No effort in managing vendors
05. Shorter learning curve and less possibility to make mistake
PT Ardia Prima Kawanua

The 1st Healthcare Manufacture in North Sulawesi

PT Ardia Prima Kawanua takes a comprehensive approach contract manufacture & supply chain management solutions, combined with our strong track record and multinational company background, make us the ideal partner for all of your supply chain needs.
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PT Mursmedic Jaya Mandiri

PT Mursmedic Jaya Mandiri (MJM) is committed to helping clients focus and excel in their core business by providing the manufacture of medical devices and household products.

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